Premier Innovations Inc.

Work Hard - Play Hard

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<b>Work Hard -- Play Hard (Marketing / Advertising /
Sales) <br>

We Are:</b><br>


•A rapidly expanding marketing and sales firm based in
Northeast Philadelphia. <br>

•A fun place to work, where individuality is encouraged and
hard work is rewarded. <br>

•A company with strong community ties and a commitment to

•A company that is growing exponentially in a time of
economic hardship.<br>

•A professional environment providing hands-on training to every member of our team.<br>

•A company that provides personal mentorship and development
to every team member.<br>

•A place where you can grow personally, professionally, and

•Hiring for ENTRY LEVEL Account Executive positions with
opportunities for rapid advancement into management.<br>


<b>You Must Be:</b><br>






•Willing to work hard to accomplish your own goals and those
of our team.

•Able to work in a team environment, both as a team member
and as a leader.

•A great student with an open mind and sense of

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